Free Online Videography Lessons
Mastering Videography

So I’ve been forcing my poor family to be my subjects to bring these lesson to you. I hope it’s worth your while. And be sure to post some of your efforts on youtube or Vimeo or some other video hosting site for all of us to see. Keep in mind while learning these rules of filmmaking; that rules can absolutely be broken. However, you must have an appropriate reason to break the rules. Without good reasons to break these rules you can easily fall back down the learning curve to amateur home movie maker. The goal of this site is to teach how to shoot like a professional. So think carefully about why you are shooting something a particular way, and can it be shot a better way. I can’t stress this enough... Practice what you learn here. You will get better and better at choosing how to shoot something the more you just get out and practice.

I’ve broken down these lessons into 7 separate series listed at the right. You can choose any of these to start with but if you’re new to video and really want to get started on the ground floor, I recommend starting with
Photography 101 and move on from there.


Series 1 - Principals of Photography
Photography 101